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Partnership with Simply London: Finding Tuition In All The Right Places

18 Jul, 2022 / Good News

Some exciting news!

We are proud to be working with Simply London to help families find the right education pathway for their children.

Simply London is a leading relocation agency, specialising in finding new homes, schools and communities for families moving to the capital. Operated by a team of expats who use their first-hand experience, Simply London has developed a ‘Knowledge Base’ – a large library of resources ranging from podcasts to webinars making sure you are well-equipped for your transition. Simply London caters to individuals, families and employees.

The school system in London is a complex labyrinth of various education institutions, it is understandable that it can be hard to find the right one! 

Here’s how Simply London can help:

  • They will break down the UK schools system & admissions process,
  • Find the most suitable schools for your children,
  • Assist you with your applications until your children have received a school place,
  • Work with you throughout the entire school finding process, until your children have started at their new London school
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Where do we come in?

As a bespoke tuition agency in London, Ludo Tutors is passionate about finding the perfect tutor for each of our students. By partnering with Simply London, we can assist families moving to the capital, helping them adapt to the UK education system by tailoring our bespoke tuition to their needs. 

Parents will be able to select which courses/subject they will find most useful from our diverse tuition programme. We represent a range of Tutors, who have graduated in a variety of subjects from top universities, with over fifty percent obtaining degrees from Oxford or Cambridge University. 

Simply London clients are invited to book a free consultation with our founder, Martha. Following this consultation, we will outline your family’s education needs before designing a bespoke tuition package, unique to you.

In partnership with Simply London, here is a taste of what Ludo offers to families moving to London: 

  • An initial, free consultation, where we can take note of your particular needs and education requirements
  • A bespoke tuition programme catered specifically to your child’s needs. Along with a selection of free resources that you can use in your spare time.
  • Instant access to our AI-enabled E-Learning Platform, powered by Century Tech. This allows us to teach our courses remotely, so no matter what stage you are at with your transition to London, you will have access to your resources. The platform also helps identify any areas of strength or weakness within the UK National Curriculum, so can give you detailed feedback on key topics for tuition and helps all of us to monitor progress.

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