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Charity Partnership – Winston’s Wish

30 Nov, 2021 / Charity, The Long Read

Announcement Klaxon!

One of Ludo Tutors’ core values is to give back to our community. Just in case you haven’t noticed (we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops), we have recently launched our brand new e-Learning Platform that offers tonnes of online courses for children in school Years 1 – 6. As well as academic courses, we are also offering classes on Mindfulness, Yoga and Drama. How well-rounded you might say!

We wanted to include these extracurricular classes so we can work towards our goal of providing a well-rounded, holistic tuition programme, as well as providing fantastic, engaging extracurricular lessons taught by our inspiring Tutors.

We thought it would be a great idea to donate a percentage of our extracurricular e-Learning Platform course profits to a nominated children’s charity, so when you book a lesson through Ludo Tutors, you are helping your child and can be supporting others too! We reached out to our Tutors for charity nominations and received some lovely responses.

After having a look at everyone’s suggestions, we are excited to announce that Ludo Tutors has partnered with a wonderful charity that provides support to thousands of families across the UK: Winston’s Wish, the UK’s first child bereavement charity.

Winston's Wish Logo
Winston’s Wish Charity Logo

Who are Winston’s Wish?

Winston’s Wish gives support to bereaved children, young people, their families and the professionals who support them. They understand that the death of a parent can be a very traumatic experience for a child and their mission is to promote the vision of a society in which every child can get the help they need when they are grieving.

Some brief statistics on child bereavement in the UK:

  • A parent of children under 18 dies every 22 minutes in the UK; around 23,600 a year. This equates to around 111 children being bereaved of a parent every day. 
  • 1 in 29 5-16 year olds has been bereaved of a parent or sibling – that’s a child in every average class.

Winston’s Wish provide their crucial support in a variety of ways. They provide immediate advice using their helpline, email and online chat services, making sure you can get through to an experienced and trained bereavement professional as quickly as possible.

They also supply and teach courses for schools, medical professionals and social workers, ensuring that their advice reaches far and wide. Over 60,000 professionals have completed Winston’s Wish’s childhood bereavement training courses this year. In addition to this, the charity itself has reached out and provided direct support to over 18,000 bereaved children.

How can we help?

Ludo Tutors will be donating 10% of our Drama, Mindfulness and Yoga e-Learning Platform profits to Winston’s Wish. When you book a lesson with Ludo Tutors, you’ll be helping to provide support to bereaved children as well as providing your own child with outstanding tuition. 2020 and 2021 have been tough for everyone and Winston’s Wish saw a 55% increase in traffic to their website – evidently, the support that they offer is more vital than ever. 

Winston’s Wish and Nowhere Special

Being the UK’s first child bereavement charity, Winston’s Wish is frequently asked to provide guidance on projects that tackle this subject. Most recently the charity worked with director Uberto Posolini (The Full Monty, Still Life) on his 2020 project Nowhere Special. Nowhere Special, starring James Norton, focuses intimately on a father and his son. John is battling a terminal illness, and whilst he has a desire to protect his young son, he also wants to prepare him for a future without his father.

Nowhere Special
Nowhere Special (Daniel Lamont, James Norton)

We encourage you to check out this touching film, it’s available on Amazon Prime and tackles child bereavement in all the correct ways thanks to Winston’s Wish’s consultation with the film’s creative team.

Winston’s Wish have their own brilliant blog where can find all sorts of invaluable information, from children’s first-hand accounts, to events and charity fundraisers. Check out these blog posts below:

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